The benefits of using Able.Com Private Security Services:

1.  You will pay one flat fee for security coverage, there will be no other charges.  All overtime, holiday pay, liability and workers compensation insurance will be paid by Able.Com.   

2.  Our agreement does not require the traditional thirty day written notice when you cancel or suspend security coverage, a seven day notice is all we need . 

3. If you cancel security coverage and within one year from the date of cancellation you want to use our service again we will provide you with security coverage for the same price, there will be no price increase. 

4.  You will receive invoices via computer and we accept payment for services rendered via direct deposit .

5.  We will provide you with security personnel who will gain the respect of your employees, clients and all others they come in contact with.  Security personnel who will help you provide a safe place for your employees, management staff and clients to work and conduct business.

For more information please contact us at   or (818) 558-3661.

                                                              IMAGE - PERFORMANCE - RESPECT
                                                                                  "Go Hand in Hand"

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