Promises of the "Moon and Stars"

There are private security agencies that will promise you the "Moon & Stars" in their effort to convince you to sign a contract with them.

After their contract is signed they quickly move on to the next prospective client, leaving behind their guards who are poorly trained, confused and with no pride or motivation.

We have a very strict dress code, ethical code and mandatory image policy that our security personnel must adhere to as a condition of their employment. Image is the foundation of our company and we will accept nothing less than the best from our security personnel !

We cannot promise you the "Moon & Stars", but we will Guarantee that any promise we make will be made on a foundation of truth and will be fulfilled.

We will also Guarantee the hiring, training and supervision of security personnel assigned to protect your business and property will be designed for your special needs and will reflect the values and culture of your organization.

If you are interested in using our security services and you have questions please contact us at   or call (818) 558-3661.  

"Go Hand in Hand"

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